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The Porcarelli family has always been close to sport, intended as a teaching of life. In particular in recent years we have increased our commitment to more sports clubs, approaching the Cycling and Basketball, founding the Logistica Ambientale Team and supporting Virtus Valmontone. These are two sports where commitment, hard work and sweat make not only the athletes grow, but also give children an extra push in their maturation, appreciating victories and defeats, rules and respect for others.

Logistica Ambientale Team


Logistica Ambientale Team was born 4 years ago from the desire to invest in a reality in which aggregation and healthy development of young people were a fundamental part of their growth path. To date, 20 competitive athletes are part of the team, divided into youth, junior, pupils and beginners, for competitions on the track and road.

Thanks to the professionalism and passion of their Sports Director, Marco Caruso, the boys in a short time have managed to win numerous victories, both in Italy and abroad.

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The Latest Races:


Federico Amati wins the Coppa Eurobike Trittico Unesco, giving to the Team Logistica Ambientale the twelfth seasonal victory.


Silver medal for Simone Pinna in the Velodrome of Dalmine during the Italian Junior Track Championships in the Keirin specialty.


Chinellato and Colaceci win in Campania, respectively the race reserved to the first year beginners and the time trial.

Virtus Valmontone


For a few years now, we have been supporting Virtus Valmontone, a basketball club that plays in Serie B. It was founded in 2003 and has over 150 registered athletes, including 12 senior athletes, 73 youngsters and 60 from the mini-basketball sector.

Virtus Valmontone participates in 5 minibasket championships and 5 youth championships, as well as the third national basketball championship.

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