Porcarelli Group with its more than 300 employees and collaborators is the result of a project in which Mr. Gino Porcarelli and his sons have believed and for which they have been working for more than 50 years. Founded as an expansion and adaptation to the demands of the market, has become today an important reality for quantities of waste managed, facilities and know-how. Every year we move, manage and send for recovery significant amounts of waste that would otherwise increase the increasingly crowded landfills.

The Group’s companies are present with their activities along the entire Circular Economy supply chain, from collection to transport to the valorisation of raw materials, both on domestic and foreign markets, ensuring traceability along the entire route and throughout the life of the waste until its transformation or landfilling. For this reason, those who choose to operate in respect of nature and its delicate balance find in Porcarelli Group an optimal travel companion and in all of us who are part of it a help to manage the recovery of waste materials in an intelligent way. This is how thousands of tons of waste can re-enter the production cycles reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials and energy to the benefit of the environment and the entire community.

We propose ourselves as a partner for those who are confronted daily with the problems of waste management, from large companies to small producers. Today, thanks to the investments made in machinery and vehicles , we are able to offer a personalized, versatile, ecological and efficient service coordinated by a staff of qualified operators to guarantee the correct and rational management of the waste cycle in respect of the Environment, thus reducing the waste of resources.


Zero Waste

We continue to pursue our rational concept of ‘Zero Waste’, recycling ever higher quantities of waste, thanks to innovation and automation, exploring new markets where to place the recovered waste and proposing ourselves as the driving force behind this new industrial revolution.


Circular economy

We are aware that waste can have negative impacts on natural systems, that’s why we strive to return it to the market as raw materials following the principles of Circular Economy and we are committed to treat it with all precautions to protect the Environment.


Fairness and transparency

We develop our business by operating in an ethically correct manner, maintaining the principles of honesty, fairness and transparency, towards institutions, our customers and our employees.

Group companies:

Four companies, one goal:
To give value to waste.

Porcarelli Gino & Co S.r.l.

Valorization of recyclable waste and alternative fuels:

Mother of all the companies in the Porcarelli Group: located in Rome in the industrial complex of Rocca Cencia, it has a plant…

Ricicla Centro Italia S.r.l.

Recovery and trade of paper and plastic waste:

Ricicla Centro Italia continues the activity that has always represented the core business of the Porcarelli family, that is the recovery…

Logistica Ambientale S.r.l.

Integrated solutions for the Environment:

Logistica Ambientale is specialized in the management of waste in companies and enterprises, public and private, but also of the individual…

Ecogeri S.r.l

Production of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

is an ongoing project, in operation since 2022, looking to the future. It will deal with the transformation intoSolid Recovered Fuel (SRF)…

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