Ricicla Centro Italia S.r.l.

Recovery and trade of paper and plastic waste

Ricicla Centro Italia continues the activity that has always represented the core business of the Porcarelli family, that is the recovery, valorization and trade of waste paper.

But waste paper is not the only activity of the company. In fact, thanks to the technologies and the selection plants present, we are able to valorize also plastic and glass waste, representing today one of the most important platforms for the service to the Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Rome, for the conferment of the differentiated collections.

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Secondary Raw Materials

Monte Compatri Plant

Located in the industrial area of the Municipality of Monte Compatri, a few steps from Rome,with its 15,000 square metres of available area,it represents one of the most efficient and important paper waste sorting plants, thanks to its 16 sorting stations.

More than 70,000 tons of paper waste per year are valorized in our plant through a process of selection, sorting and grouping by similar product fractions, obtaining secondary raw materials to be sent to national and foreign paper mills for the production of new paper.


Productive cycle


The waste delivered to our treatment plant comes mainly from separate collections, production and commercial activities, separate collections, typographical preparations and publishing returns. All producers and transporters of waste that are in order with the authorization to transport can confer

The processing cycle begins with a documentary and qualitative check of the waste delivered, verifying correspondence with our authorisations and storing the waste in special areas, separated by type. Once a suitable quantity has been reached, the waste is sent to the processing cycle of the sorting plant where specialised personnel remove the non-recyclable parts and select the homogeneous product fractions.

The selected waste is volumetrically reduced by means of hydraulic presses which provide for its packaging. For some types of products, before packing, it is necessary to shred the material in order to favour the compaction itself. The product obtained undergoes a further quality control, it is stowed and ready for delivery to the paper mill.

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