Eco.Ge.Ri S.r.l

Production of solid recovered fuel (SRF):

Based in Finale Emilia, Eco.Ge.Ri. is a project that looks at the future.

With the precise intention of developing its core business, focused on the treatment and valorization of waste, the new plant, first in the Emilia-Romagna region for the type of technology adopted, deals with the production of high quality Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF), resulting from the processing of the production waste that comes from non-hazardous special waste treatment plants.

The production takes into account the decades of experience collected in Porcarelli plants, also gained through communication with users, implementing the processes already consolidated in the new plant technology.

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Solid Recovered Fuel

Finale Emilia plant

The Eco.Ge.Ri. plant has the dual purpose of recovering from waste the highest possible percentage of materials to be used as an alternative to raw materials (to be reintroduced in the production cycles of goods – End of Waste) and to produce an alternative solid fuel to fossil fuels. To achieve this, the plant is equipped with the best 4.0 technologies that allow, in addition to continuous monitoring, to classify the treated waste and produce a SRF that meets the highest analytical standards.

The SRF is useful for the production of energy that can take place in thermoelectric power plants and cement plants. In the latter, the SRF is used by partially replacing the pet-coke (a final carbon-rich solid material that derives from oil refining) for clinker firing. By using Solid Recovered Fuels in cement plants, it is possible to sustainably feed a fundamental and irreplaceable productive activity for the community, thus becoming a place for the valorization of waste.


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