From today Porcarelli Group is also the name of a forest!

In collaboration with Treedom, we’ve planted 500 trees to give back to our planet, even if only in part, what we take away from it every day with our daily actions. We were born from the idea that even a small action can be fundamental for a bigger change: today we want to do it, one tree at a time, to safeguard natural systems, as a duty towards the environment and towards our customers. Treedom has given us the opportunity to choose, once again, the path of sustainability.

The aim of this collaboration is to plant more and more trees each year to absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere, and to promote the social, environmental and economic development of the communities involved through agro-forestry projects.

This year we have chosen to support Treedom’s forestry project in Guatemala, where every tree planted supports local communities and triggers virtuous processes of growth. Because every tree represents a step towards a world with equal opportunities.

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